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Pricing for Songwriters

Beta Test Participation
Writers who are registered will be allowed to upload 3 songs without charge in order to participate in the Beta test. If a writer has no songs to enter, the writer will not be allowed to participate in the Beta test. After the Beta test is completed, any songs already in the database from the Beta test can remain in Song Hub for a total of two years from the day entered.

Songs that stay resident in the database for two years without any inquiries from seekers will be removed. A notice will be sent to writers whose songs need to be removed. If there has been some activity, the writer can opt to renew the resident song for another term of two years by paying the renewal fee.

Only your best songs will be worthy for the purpose of Song Hub. If you get no inquiries after two years, you could try some different songs or perhaps try a different genre. We will be adding additional genres as time goes by. You can make suggestions to us about genres at

General Pricing for Songwriters
Writers may enter as many songs as they wish, keeping in mind that song seekers are looking for the very best songs they can find. 
The cost to upload a song is $10 each for the first ten songs.
The fee for Song 11 thru Song 20 is $8 per song.
The fee for Song 21 thru Song 30 is $6 per song.
The fee for song 31 thru infinity will be $5 per song.

All entries remain resident in Song Hub for two years unless the owner wishes to remove the song. Fees are based on the number of entries that have been made, not on how many entries remain in the database. For example, let’s say you had 30 songs in the database and you removed 20 of those. You now have 10 songs remaining. The next song that you enter will be at the Song #31 fee.

Keep in mind that this is a brand-new resource and we will all be learning as we go. We may make changes in our pricing structure at some point. If you wish to make suggestions about pricing, we will be happy to hear them. Your comments may be sent to us at

The Song Seeker fee

NatCatMusic came about as an alternative and easier way for songwriters to bring their songs to the attention of people like you, the song seeker. The writers pay a fee for each song they upload into the database.

NatCatMusic is also an alternative and easier way for you, the song-seeker, to listen to songs that are available for licensing. The songs have been categorized by tempo; slow, medium, and up-tempo. They have also been classified by their main topic. In addition, we have given you the ability to search the entire text of a song lyric because we thought that would be useful to you. You’ll also find the owner’s name, phone and email conveniently located nearby in case you want to make contact.

Thus, we have an equitable resource here, helpful to those it is intended for, the writer and the seeker.

It is our plan to keep fees at a level adequate to support the resource and nothing further. Settling on a fee that would be neither burdensome nor free was the task before us. We do recognize that the presence of publishers, A/R managers and artists who are all looking in this database for their next song, has a great value to entice writers to participate in Song Hub and thus help us to maintain their resource.

The fee for song-seekers is $50 a person, for a year. It is based on actual users so even if you have a large publishing company with numerous employees it’s likely that only a few of those or perhaps
even just one person would be using our NatCatMusic catalogue. We leave it to you to pay the appropriate amount to cover seekers within your business. As the TV commercial says, “only pay for what you need.”

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