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Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Natchaug Catalogue of Music. Our database is currently under construction, and it is intended solely for "writers"  (songwriters like you) and for “seekers” (artists, publishers, A/R managers , producers etc). 

In launching NatCatMusic, we have chosen the songwriting-members of IBMA for our initial outreach. Other bluegrass songwriters are welcome too and we’re including a few additional roots genre such as folk, gospel, and Americana. More genres will be added as interest develops.

While our current concentration has to be on our launch, you can read about some of our long-range plans in our “What’s New” section above. 

If you are looking for a place to showcase your songs where they will be readily available to music “seekers”, our Natchaug Catalogue of Music will be a useful tool for you to get that done. Once your songs are in the database, you can return to your writing sessions until the day a “seeker’ contacts you indicating an interest in your material.

Test Database

Similar to the launching of a new aircraft, NatCatMusic is going to need astute test pilots. We hope you will want to participate. And we’d like to use some of your songs for that purpose. We’ll load a good amount of MP3’s and lyric sheets, get them cataloged and get the test site ready for your perusal.

You and others will then have the chance to see how NatCatMusic fits your needs. We will then be looking to you to provide us with your comments on points of interest to us, such as the user friendliness of this website, how it might be improved, or even if it could meet needs we’ve not yet thought of.

If you would like to participate in this proposed Beta test, please contact us.

What's Next

We are in the early stages of bringing this concept to life.  A lot of balls to  juggle.  Along with the Help Wanted below, we will be looking for song submissions to build out our repository of songs.  We are still working out the details. Be sure to check back here periodically, or join our Facebook or Twitter feeds to hear when we are open for your submissions.  Or join our email list for announcements right in your inbox.

Help Wanted

Social Media Help

We're looking for help with our social media presence. Specifically with Facebook, Twitter and periodic email campaigns.


We are also looking for a bookkeeper. Someone that will keep our books, issue checks and keep an eye on the budget.
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