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Song Writers Questions

Yes, if they fit our current genres, you certainly may enter them. If we don't have your genre yet, let us know and we'll consider adding it.

You sure can. Just send us a message and we’ll take care of it.

You don’t need to. Registration does take several months. Your songs will be as safe in NatCatMusic as they are in the BMI database.

You already own the copyright when you compose a song. If you mean how do you register those copyrights, it is done at the Library of Congress. You can apply online. Here is their website:

Not if you want to remain friends with your co-writer. Good communications are key to a good working relationship. Inquire why your co-writer is reluctant to use NatCatMusic. See if you can alleviate those concerns. Point out the advantages.

We’re not accepting country music right now but good news! We do have plans to add country music soon. Watch for that announcement in Facebook and other social media. Or sign up for email updates about NatCatMusic’s work in progress.

Song Seeker Questions

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