We are in the early stages of bringing this concept of Song Hub to life. A lot of balls to juggle. We will be looking for submissions to build out our repository of material. If you write good songs, we will surely want to include your work in Song Hub.

While we continue to work out the details, be sure to check back here periodically for updates or join our Facebook or Twitter feeds to hear how the Beta test is coming along for example. We will also announce via numerous media sources when we are open for your submissions. You should also join our email list for announcements right in your inbox.

We continue to emphasize that you should submit your ideas and pinions to us about all this. As the user, your comments will be significant. Many other writers and seekers too can benefit from your ideas. They will be listened to intently here at Song Hub.

Share them with us at info@natcatmusic.com.

Some future related work under consideration includes adding videos. The intent with videos is to provide a resource for the hiring managers of concerts, fairs, and festivals. It would provide performers with a trouble-free means to make themselves known simultaneously to many venues across our land.

Other areas under consideration include adding more niche genres like polka, traditional country, zydeco, blues, jazz, Celtic, children’s music, etc. You can make further suggestions. Wherever there’s a need, Song Hub can fill that need.

Looking into the future, we have a concept on our to-do list to incorporate the entire existing commercial genres of the day, making Song Hub an all-inclusive and unparalleled resource for the song writers and the song seekers of the entire music industry. At that point it would likely not be a stretch to find Song Hub being sought after by the offshore music industry. It’s a hefty goal, but we think it’s doable.

Our current philosophy is one-step-at-a-time. As we move along, your own suggestions are hereby once again solicited, starting today and continuing into the future. It is important to include good ideas early on so that all who peruse Song Hub may benefit from their use. We can assure you ahead of time that we will listen attentively to any ideas and concepts that make good sense for Song Hub. Let us hear from you.

Here’s how to reach us: info@natcatmusic.com

Your Song is Demoed - Now What?
Song Hub! That’s What!

While there is a plethora of resources available to help you improve your composing skills, it’s likely agreed that more help is often needed and wanted after the song is written.

We all know the routine. We write a song, get it demoed and then begin the drudgery of trying to get the song to someone who would be interested in it. We email. We follow up. We make phone calls. And we wait, but mostly in vain.

In looking at ways to improve life for the songwriter, and the performer too, work has begun on a new resource specifically for getting new songs from writers to potential users. Here’s what we’re working on.

This project, known as Song Hub, will consist of a website with a database of songs available for licensing from writers of bluegrass, folk, gospel, and Americana songs. We’ll catalog the major topic and the tempo. Song seekers will have full-text-searchability of lyric sheets. Your contact
information will be there too, readily available to song-seekers.

The database will function on a registered-user basis. Some modest fees will be applied to help meet the cost of ongoing maintenance of the system. Initial cost for developing and implementing this project is being handled by benefactors.

As our work continues, we invite you to visit the Song Hub website to learn more about this resource and how it can be useful to you. You may even see a way in which you can help us with this project.

Once our work has progressed sufficiently, we will announce a Beta test which we urge you to participate. Our web site will help you stay up to date on this project.

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